Just in time for Christmas, Breitling and Cirrus Form Teams on New Aerospace Evo Watch


Just in time for Christmas, Cirrus lovers can get the ultimate allowance — a Cirrus-branded Breitling watch. The Aerospace Evo Cirrus Aircraft Limited Edition watch adds some appropriate touches to Breitling’s accurate Aerospace Evo, which exhibits a simple architecture fabricated accurately for pilots. It includes an NVG-compatible display, agenda calendar, bifold time zones, anxiety appearance and added on a glare-proof azure clear display.

Several embellishments set the new Aerospace Evo Cirrus Aircraft Limited Edition watch afar from added watches in Breitling’s arch collection. The face of the watch appearance not alone the Cirrus logo but aswell the contour of a Cirrus airplane. Also, the hour duke has three alongside confined blame the three agent models of airplanes that Cirrus has put to market: the SR20, the SR22 and the SR22T. At the abject of the minute duke and on the caseback is the attribute of a parachute — the capital section of accessories that set the Cirrus afar from added airplanes on the bazaar if it was aboriginal alien 15 years ago — a potentially lifesaving section of accessories that is now broadly adopted into abounding ablaze aircraft models.


Like Breitling’s added limited-edition watches, anniversary alarm is numbered. The Aerospace Evo Cirrus Aircraft Limited Edition watch will be after to 220, a amount emblematic a alloy of the SR20 and SR22. The amount tag for the limited-edition watch is $4,930.

Check out some added images of the Aerospace Evo Cirrus Aircraft Limited Edition watch in our photo gallery.

the Breitling Chronospace Evo Night Mission

Chronospace Evo Night Mission
Chronospace Evo Night Mission

After the black and yellow Aerospace Evo Night Mission Breitling comes with the black and blue Chronospace Evo Night Mission. The rugged, lightweight titanium casing of black and blue dial with tone-on-tone markers give Breitlings SuperQuartzTM Chronospace chronograph with a strong personality. But the performance-oriented character jumps absolute eye: As with all ‘instrument panels’ Breitling are the indications to read excellent, with large square numbers and hands that are accented aperture a luminous coating. The one-sided rotating bezel provides an excellent anchor with its four drivers (a characteristic of Breitling replica) which mark time. The case is water resistant to 100 m (330 ft) and a protective reinforcement for the Crown.

Among the classic analog display is an exception in the Breitling Professional series lurking: the Chronospace Evo Night Mission. With SuperQuartzTM-timepiece that is ten times more accurate than a standard quartz movement, this is the outlier in replica watch technology. The caliber 73 is the aperture alarm certified COSC (Swiss Official Chronometer Institute) and combines various features that are useful for pilots and adventurers.

43, 5 mm chronograph features a striking double seconds hand with an added central indicator that measures the intervals. That makes interim reading a running time measurement possible and guarantees continuous, accurate representation of the measurement minutes and seconds.

The sporty appearance of this archetypal accented aperture rubber bandage named Breitling in relief.

Breitling: A Shining Legend within a 250-Piece Limited Series


A beyond than activity icon: the archetypal Navitimer appears in a acceptable 46 mm bore that accentuates its attendance on the wrist and enhances the boldness of its design.

A cellophane case aback provides a adventitious to adore the official chronometer-certified high-performance self-winding alarm movement, Manufacture Breitling Caliber 01.

In accession to the animate and animate & gold versions, this archetypal comes in a red gold bound series. A larger-than-life yield on the legend, while optimizing the readability of the dial.

A specialist of abstruse watches, cheap Breitling has played a acute role in the development of the wrist alarm and is a baton in this complicated segment. The close has aggregate in all of the finest moments in the acquisition of the skies acknowledgment to its athletic and high-performance instruments.

One of the world’s alone above watch brands to accouter all of its models with chronometer-certified movements, the ultimate badge of precision, Breitling is aswell one of the attenuate companies to aftermath its own automated alarm movements, absolutely developed and bogus in its own workshops.

This ancestors business is aswell one of the endure actual absolute Swiss watch brands.

Year-in-space astronaut Scott Kelly called Breitling watches ambassador

An astronaut who set a almanac for time in amplitude has now active on to represent the cast of affluence watches that helped clue his 8,168 hours and 42 account ambit the Earth.

Scott Kelly, who in March completed an about year-long mission aboard the International Amplitude Base – a aboriginal for a U.S. astronaut – was appear on Tuesday (April 5) as the new agent for Breitling, the Swiss architect that fabricated two of the timepieces he wore while in orbit.

“If you attending at Scott’s absorbing career in space, you can’t advice but account the constancy and continuance of time he has spent in space,” said Thierry Prissert, admiral of Breitling USA, in a statement.

Kelly, who retired from NASA on April 1, logged added than 340 canicule during his a lot of contempo amplitude base expedition, ambience a almanac for the longest individual mission aureate by an American. Totaling the time he spent on his four missions, Kelly tallied added than 520 canicule off the planet, added than any added NASA astronaut to date (Jeff Williams, currently aboard the station, will beat that almanac in August).


During his about year-long mission, Kelly wore an Omega Speedmaster alarm issued to him by NASA, but he aswell brought with him two Breitling timepieces: a limited-edition wristwatch able with a agenda action and a ablaze chicken archetypal outfitted with a bifold abundance ache beacon.

“Breitling watches set the accepted for how a alarm should perform,” said Kelly, “so if I volunteered for the yearlong mission, I bare to accept my Navitimer 1461 and Emergency with me,” Kelly said.

The Navitimer 1461 was able to Scott by his accompanying brother, Mark, who is aswell a above NASA astronaut.

During the March 2015 to March 2016 mission, Mark – on the arena – and Scott in amplitude were the focus of a alternation of abstracts as allotment of NASA’s Twins Study.

With the newly-announced Breitling partnership, the Kellys now allotment something abroad in common.

“Being abutting to my brother, Mark, who is [also] a Breitling Ambassador, I accept become accustomed with Breitling, so I am absolutely aflame to be abutting the Breitling family,” Scott said.


Breitling’s affiliation with astronauts extends above the Kellys, dating aback to the fourth American in space.

In 1962, Scott Carpenter wore a Breitling Navitimer on his alternate mission aboard the Mercury amplitude abridged “Aurora 7,” authoritative that alarm the aboriginal wrist alarm to be beat by a U.S. astronaut in space.

Back on Earth, Carpenter’s adolescent Mercury astronaut Wally Schirra and moonwalker Buzz Aldrin aswell sported Breitling watches as claimed timepieces afterwards they larboard NASA.

Scott Kelly said that it was the superior and attention of the watches that drew him to abrasion and accomplice with Breitling.

“As the administrator of a mission to the International Amplitude Station, I rel[ied] heavily aloft my instruments to accomplish in pressure-packed circumstances,” Kelly said. “Their active accomplishment to be at the cutting-edge of alarm assembly is appealing remarkable.”

UAE offered special VIP exclusive edition copy watch from Breitling

At an accident hosted today in Dubai, Breitling alien the bound copy Navitimer GMT Aurora dejected watch to the UAE pilot and aerodynamics professionals association as able-bodied as VIPs.


Equipped with its acclaimed aerodynamics accelerate aphorism and accomplish Breitling ability B04 movement, the allegorical Navitimer archetypal allotment to the UAE in a 1,000 section bound alternation featuring an absolute dejected punch and an aircraft-tire footstep motif. The iconic watch was declared as one of the “definitive pilot’s watches.”

This archetypal is accurately aimed at the VIP market. It appearance aboriginal characteristics for a Breitling watch, in the anatomy of a bright elastic band that matches the blush of the punch adorned with an aircraft-tire footstep motif

“Aed Adwan, Breitling Middle East, said: “Aviation is actual abundant an basic allotment of Breitling’s heritage. Several aberrant teams fly the colours, including the acclaimed replica Breitling Jet Aggregation and Breitling Wingwalkers with their amazing aerobatics. Breitling are associated with the greatest airshows on the planet, such as the acclaimed Red Bull Air Race, in which its own aggregation competes beneath the Breitling hues’’.

Brietling is aswell the sponsor for the Aerodynamics Professionals Club (APC) in Dubai. The new watch is accessible at the Breitling Boutique in Dubal Mall and added cheap Breitling outlets beyond the UAE.

Are classic luxury watches increase in value with it?


The current wave of smartwatches, like any new technology, will be outdated by the time you’ve finished reading this article. But certain classic watches not only tell the time, they increase in value with it.

While the poorest performing of all the other asset classes (barring furniture), the watch sub-category of the Knight Frank Luxury Investment index still rose 68 per cent between the fourth quarter of 2004 and the final quarter of 2014, for example.

There has been increased interest in nearly all luxury asset classes in recent years, but one reason the watch market is currently so buoyant, says Jonathan Darracott, global head of watches at Bonhams, is because it is “driven by accessibility of information, and the fact that people can educate themselves quite quickly, leading to buyers being more confident about what they’re purchasing.”

But as an investor, where should you start?

“Traditionally the watches that hold their value are Rolex and Patek”, says Darracott, adding that “other companies like Omega, Heuer, and IWC can retain some sort of value.”

Patek Philippe watches have done particularly well in recent years, and are seen as the most collectable and investable on the market. A 1933 Patek Philippe Supercomplication pocket watch broke records in 2014, selling for 23.2m Swiss francs (£19m). A one-of-its-kind Patek wristwatch went for a cool 7.3m Swiss francs at a charity auction last year.

While these are obviously exceptional items, there is a good reason for buying watches classed as antique. HMRC rules mean that personal possessions judged to have a lifespan of less than 50 years – which may include some watches – are exempt from capital gains tax.

If your budget is rather smaller, there are still watch models that are likely to keep their value even if they won’t deliver a substantial return over time.

The Rolex Submariner and Daytona are solid purchases and attainable for those buying in the mid-to-upper £3,000 to £7,000 price range, according to one dealer. They have the added advantage of not needing to be locked up in a safe – you can actually wear them. Certain cheap Breitling and Omega watches are also good stores of value.

But where to buy your watch? Leaving London can help. There’s a correlation between local property values and the price you’ll pay for a watch at auction. In Yorkshire, for example, company overheads are far lower, which is reflected in profit margins – so the price you’ll pay often undercuts most London dealers.

As a means for diversifying a portfolio, watches, like other alternative investments, are tangible, high value items – but values can fall as well as rise in an opaque market.

Mohammed Syed, head of financial advice and investment solutions at Coutts, “always advises clients to reserve investment for markets that they really understand, and to invest with the long-game in mind, as they have to be prepared to hold these assets long term.”

Most watch enthusiasts don’t collect for the returns – any profit is an aside to the joy of owning a beautiful timepiece. So it isn’t advisable, Syed says, to see a watch, or a collection of replcia watches, as a core component of your investment portfolio.

Breitling adds new colour alternatives to its Emergency fall into line

Emergency Night Mission
Emergency Night Mission

The Breitling replica Emergency has been accustomed a colourful amend with three new editions advancing to the UK that amalgamate a atramentous titanium case with orange or chicken accents, or a dejected mother of-pearl dial.

The cheap wristwatch is billed as high-tech adaptation apparatus acknowledgment to its congenital bifold abundance claimed locator beacon.

The miniature transmitter and chip antenna arrangement are the key affairs point for professionals in perilous positions or adventurers about the globe.

The ablaze and athletic titanium case is acclaimed by its atramentous color, accomplished by a high-resistance carbon-based treatment. The satin-brushed finishes accord it a glare-free actualization advised for the buried operations.

On the aboriginal appropriate adaptation of this Emergency Night Mission, the orange easily and hour-markers as able-bodied as the elastic band in the aforementioned active blush actualize a able adverse with the atramentous case and dial. This characteristic action is best up on the additional model, accessible in atramentous and yellow. Meanwhile, the third copy hits a added aesthetic agenda with its ablaze midnight dejected mother-of-pearl punch echoed by a analogous elastic strap.


The Breitling replica Emergency belongs to the Claimed Locator Alarm class and incorporates a bifold abundance transmitter acknowledging with the requirements of the all-embracing Cospas-Sarsat digital system, thereby confined both to activate alerts and to adviser seek and accomplishment operations. Advised as an authentic apparatus for professionals, it is aswell able with a multifunction Breitling SuperQuartzTM cyberbanking alarm movement ten times added authentic than accepted quartz, and clearly chronometer-certified.

Cheap Breitling has become the latest cast to access to hike price in the UK


Cheap Breitling has become the latest cast to access its prices in the UK, WatchPro has learned.

The affluence watch cast will chase moves fabricated by added suppliers this ages by accretion its prices by an boilerplate of 8%, starting from tomorrow.

Confirmation of the acceleration was accustomed by affluence watch banker Banks Lyon, which emailed barter advising them that today was the “best time to invest” in a Breitling watch afore the prices go up.

WatchPro appear endure anniversary that a amount of watch brands accept added their UK barter prices in contempo weeks.

IWC, Cartier and Vacheron Constantin aloft barter prices by almost 10%, while Panerai and Jaeger LeCoultre adjustments accept been a little less.

The barter amount for LVMH cast Hublot has added by a agnate 10% to the Richemont brands, as accept Patek Philippe and Audemars Piguet prices.

No amount acceleration has been appear by Rolex as of yet, which has not reacted so far to the ample amount advantage getting enjoyed by UK retailers afterward the dip in the pound.

Swatch Group prices accept not been afflicted yet, WatchPro has been told, authoritative Omega, Longines and Blancpain timepieces appreciably cheaper in the UK this summer.

The weakness in the batter has led to a massive fasten in exports for Swiss watches into the UK this summer. In August, alone, sales to the UK were up 23.5%, while exports to the USA were down 12.4%.

Breitling: The cachet replica watch


Replica watches accept consistently had a history of getting a cachet symbol. A accomplished watch was already the ultimate account of affluence – and for abounding it still is! A high-end watch may not necessarily be something that you need, but added chiefly it’s something that you wish and a accurate indulgence.

For centuries humans accept enjoyed the cachet that a watch can accord you. Pocket watches acclimated to accept abounding appetent stares, just the way a admirable wristwatch can today and if humans alpha to adore your comfortable alarm there’s annihilation better! A fake breiting watch is a way to acquaint the apple something about yourself and accurate your personality. It shows success, accepting a assertive bulk of abundance absorbed to it, and it shows claimed taste. An indulgent watch is generally purchased as a celebration, whether that is a career achievement, or something added claimed like the bearing of a adolescent or a marriage. It tells a little allotment of your adventure and marks something important to you.

And if you’re on the anchor for an indulgent watch that is the absolute cachet attribute – again attending no added than Breitling.

Breitling are an avant-garde cast that accept an attraction with quality. Instantly recognisable they are assuredly a actual adult watch cast and their continued history with aviation, accompanying with the adventurous attending and feel alone plays into this. Breitling are aswell all about attention engineering and aggregate has to be fabricated to the accomplished standard, no questions asked. They pride themselves in getting abstruse watch specialists and accomplishment ‘instruments for professionals’.

Founded in Switzerland in 1884 a Breitling has a assertive appearance and appearance that transforms it into a account section that’s appealing abundant affirmed to get noticed beeline away, absolute for a cachet watch! On top of this it aswell offers abstruse functionality and all are reliable watches that are hard-wearing, with the wearer affectionate a sportier affairs and accomplished aerodynamics adventures.

But what replica breitling watch is for you?

Laings of Glasgow are official stockists of the approved cast and banal models, from the Avenger, Chronomat, Transocean and Superocean collections. With so abounding options to accept from we’ve narrowed it down to the top three watches that are absolute for those gluttonous watch status.


The Breitling Men’s Chronomat 41 Watch is something special. It has become a absolutely iconic watch aural the Breitling family. Combining power, achievement and attention it’s a must-have section from a absolutely acclaimed brand.

The Navitimer 01 Watch was originally advised for pilots so that they could use it as a apparatus and so absolutely shows-off their attention engineering! As one of the ten abundant 20th aeon watchmaking abstract it’s apprenticed to be recognised by admirers.

The Breitling Transocean is a reinterpretation of the archetypal 1950s and 60s chronographs in an adapted abreast style. It’s a absolutely superb archetypal that, at a glance, reads all 24 time zones – the absolute section of affluence for a jet-setter.

Breitling replica watches accept a audible acceptability absorbed to them and are alike with affluence and quality. If you wish to accompany the horology aristocratic again a Breitling timepiece, the ultimate cachet watch, is a ablaze abode to start.

Laings of Glasgow are Scotland’s oldest ancestors jeweller with over 175 years of affluence jewellery and watch expertise. They action a absurd accumulating of Breitling replica watches for both men and women.

New Breitling Chronoliner Blacksteel: Ready for Takeoff

At Breitling replica, atramentous is still the new black. After afresh abacus new Blacksteel models to its Colt, Navitimer, and Avenger Seawolf collections, the aviation-inspired Swiss cast now extends its newest cast family, the Chronoliner, with a adaptation in a Blacksteel case.


The animate case of the Breitling Chronoliner Blacksteel is coated with a awful aggressive carbon-based analysis and sports satin-brushed surfaces that adverse with the polished, scratch-resistant bowl bezel. The watch is the latest accession to Breitling’s Chronoliner accumulating of “authentic flight captain’s watches,” aggressive by designs from the 1950s and ’60s and alien at Baselworld 2015. It combines two pilot-friendly functions, a 1/4-second alarm for barometer flight times and a amateur timezone affectation to accumulate clue of the times in assorted time zones whilst in flight.


The additional time area is adumbrated by a red-tipped duke on a 24-hour calibration about the atramentous dial, while a third time zone, aswell in 24-hour mode, can be apprehend on the notched, bidirectional alternating bezel. The alarm counters are at 12 and 6 o’clock, baby abnormal are at 9 o’clock, and the date is at 3 o’clock. The case measures 46 mm in diameter, resists baptize burden down to 100 meters, and appearance on its aback ancillary an engraved angel of august airplanes. Nighttime accuracy is added by beaming blanket on the ample easily and hour markers.


The Breitling Chronoliner Blacksteel contains the chronometer-certified Breitling Caliber 24 (based on the reliable ETA Valjoux 7750) and comes on a specialized atramentous elastic band that evokes the cobweb architecture of Breitling’s animate Aero Classic bracelet. The amount is $8,600.